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    Hydrokraft TVW

    TVW Variable

    Eaton developed Hydrokraft TVW Series variable closed-circuit piston pumps for industrial applications such as thrusters, marine cranes and turbine starters. With displacements from 130 cc to 750 cc (7.93 to 45.77 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,076 psi), the TVW Series also features a through-drive design, an integrated HST circuit and a wide range of controls to maximize installation and usage flexibility.

    Design characteristics

    • Axial piston pumps with swash plate design for reliable operation and long life.
    • Rotating and pressure loaded parts are pressure balanced.
    • Wide range of available integrated charge and pilot pressure pump combinations for single and combination units.
    • Special design for closed loop application.
    • Oversize shaft and shaft bearings.
    • Standard available transmission circuits with integrated valves and filters to build complete closed loop system. For charge flow and flushing.
    • Through drive enable multiple pump installation from a single shaft. Multiple pump combinations are also available.
    • Pressure up to 420 bar. Rated speed up to 1800 rpm. Higher speeds possible.
    • Large charge flow rates for low system temperature.
    • Fast response times
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    Picture of TVWS-360M07R0000C1R01SVVA30DPH00C6016516


    TVW - Hydrokraft Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    $61,251.61 $42,876.13
    Picture of TVWS-360M07R0000C1R01SVVA30DPH00C6016516


    TVW - Hydrokraft Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    $38,800.45 $27,160.32
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    TVW - Hydrokraft Variable Displacement Piston Pump
    $64,759.20 $45,331.44