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    Panasonic Industrial Automation

    Fiber Sensors
    Fiber Sensors Guide Book
    Fiber Sensors Options
    Photoelectric Sensors / Laser Sensors
    CX-400 Compact Photoelectric Sensors
    CX-440 Adjustable Range Reflective Compact Photoelectric Sensors
    CY-100 Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors
    EQ-30 Adjustable Range Reflective Photelectric Sensors
    EQ-500 Adjustable Range Reflective Photelectric Sensors
    EX Series Ultra-Compact Photelectric Sensors
    EZ-10 Water Detection Sensors
    HD-T1 LED Type Water Alignment Sensors
    HG-C CMOS Type Micro Laser Distance Sensors
    LS-500 Digital Laser Sensors
    LS-400 Digital Laser Sensors
    LX-100 Digital Mark Sensors
    NX5 Compact Multi Voltage Photoelectric Sensors
    PX-2 Long Range & Wide Area Photoelectric Sensors
    RX-LS200 Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensors
    RX Robust Photoelectric Sensors
    S-LINK-V Flexible Wire Saving System
    SU-7/SH Slim Body Automatic Sensitivity Setting Photelectric Sensors
    Micro Photoelectric Sensors
    PM Series PM25 PM 45 PM 65 U-shaped Micro Photelectric Sensors
    Pressure Sensors / Flow Sensors
    DP-0 Digital Pressure Sensors
    DP-100 Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensors
    FM-200 Intregrated Display Type Digital Flow Sensors
    Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GA-311 Compact Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GL Compact and Low Price Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GS/GA Series Compact Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GX-F/H Rectangular Shaped Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GX-U / GX-FU / GX-N Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GXL DC 2-wire Micro-size Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GX Cylindrical Compact Inductive Proximity Sensors
    GX-M Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors
    Measurement Sensors
    SC-GU3-04 / SC-HG1-CEF / SC-HG1-C Communication Units for CC-Link IE Field
    GD Metal Sheet Double Feed Detectors
    GP-X High Speed High Accuracy Eddy Current Type Digital Displacement Sensors
    HG-S Contact Type Digital Displacement Sensors
    HG-S1010 R / HG-S1110 R / HG-S1032 Contact Type Digital Disdplacement Sensor Heads
    HL-C20 HL-C235 Ultra High Speed High Precision Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-C21C Ultra High Speed High Precision Ethernet Compatible Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-C2 Ultra High Speed High Precision Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-D3 High Speed Multi-point Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-G1 Compact Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-G125 / HL-G10 Compact Laser Displacement Sensors
    HL-T1 Ultra Compact Laser Collimated Beam Sensors
    LA-300 LED Collimated Beam Sensors
    LD Laser Type Edge Detetection Sensors
    SC-HG1-485 RS 485 Communication Unit for Digital Displacement Sensors
    SC-HG1-C CC-Link Communication Unit for Digital Dispalacement Sensors
    Particular Use Sensors
    BE-A Optical Bubble Sensors
    US-N300 Thru-beam Type Ultrasonic Sensors
    Sensor Options
    CA2 Ultra Compact Digital Panel Controller
    CHX-SC2 Sensor Checkers
    MS-AJ Universal Sensor Mounting Stand
    NPS On/Off Input Sensor Controller
    PS-18V-U Power Supply Units
    S-LINK V Flexible Wire-Saving Systems
    Wire-Saving Systems
    S-Link Sensor & Wire Saving Link Systems
    SL-BMW/BW Sensor Block for Simple Wiring
    SL-PK01 Picking Switch
    SL-VGU1-485 Gateway Controllers
    SL-VGU1-EC Ethernet Gateway Controllers
    SL-VPK01 Picking Switch
    Picking Switch / Picking Sensor
    Machine Safety / Area Sensors
    Light Curtains / Safety Components
    BSF4 Flame Proof Type Safety Light Curtains
    SD3 Safety Laser Scanners
    SF-AC Safety Relay Units
    SF-C10 Safety Light Curtains
    SF-C21 Safety Control Units
    SF2B Safety Light Curtains
    SF2C Safety Light Curtains
    SF4B - SF4BG Safety Light Curtains
    SF4B-C Compact Safety Light Curtains
    SF4C Safety Light Curtains
    SF4D Safety Light Curtains
    SG-B2 Safety Door Switch with key
    SG-D1 Safety Key Selector Switches
    SQ4 Safety Liquid Leak Sensors
    ST4 Safety Beam Sensors
    SW-100 Safety Optical Touch Switches
    Area Sensors
    NAL11 Small Area Slim Object Detection Area Sensors
    NA1-PK3 Compact Size Picking Sensors
    NA1-PK5 Ultra Slim Body Picking Sensors
    NA2 General Purpose and Slim Body Picking Sensors
    NA40 40mm Beam Pitch General Purpose Area Sensors
    Picking Switch SL-VPK Area Sensors
    PLC & HMI
    Programmable Controllers / Interface Terminals
    FP Series Digest Catalog
    Human Machine Interface
    GT Series Programmable Displays
    Programmable Controllers / AC Servo Motors Digest
    Static Control / UV Curing Systems
    Static Control Devices
    Static Control Devices Solution Guide
    UV-Curing Systems
    UV Curing Systems UJ Series
    Laser Markers
    Laser Markers / 2D Code Readers
    Laser Marker Selection Guide
    Machine Vision Systems
    Machine Vision System
    PV200 Image Checker Machine Vision System
    PV230 Image Checker Machine Vision System
    PV240 Image Checker Machine Vision System
    PV500V2 Image Checker Machine Vision System
    PVWIN Catalog PV Series Setup Software
    Industrial Automation Components
    Energy Management Solutions
    Energy Consumption Visualization Components
    LT4H-L DIN 48 Size Digital Timers
    LT4H-W DIN 48 Size Digital Timers
    PM4H-A/S/M DIN 48 Size Multi Range Analog Timers
    PM4H-F DIN 48 Size Analog Multi range Power Off Delay Timers
    PM4H-SD/SDM Star Delta Timers
    PM4H-W DIN 48 Size Analog Multi Range Cyclic Twin Timers
    PM4S Multi Range Analog Timers
    QM4H Digital Timers
    S1DXM-A/M Multi Range Analog Timers
    S1DX Timers
    Time Switches
    A-TB72/72Q Flat ztime Switches
    LC2H Electronic Counters
    LC4H Electronic Counters
    Hour Meters
    LH2H Hour Meters
    TH13/TH23 Hour Meters
    TH14-TH24 Hour Meters
    TH40 Dual Indicator Hour Meters
    TH63/TH64 Hour Meters (Half Size)
    TH8DC Hour Meters
    Temperature Controllers
    KT Temperature Controllers
    Limit Switches
    DL Mini Limit Switches
    HL Limit Switches
    ML Mini Limit Switches
    VL Mini Limit Switches
    AC Servos & Motors
    AC Servo Motors
    AC Servo Network / Linear and Direct Drive Control