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    Smartflex Conveyors

    Dorner’s SmartFlex® (FlexMove Solutions) conveyors are designed and shipped to keep things simple! Each conveyor is completely assembled and tested at Dorner. It is then partially disassembled into sub-assemblies for shipping. This ensures that set-up is fast and easy once your conveyor arrives.

    2200 Series SmartFlex Conveyors are best for:

    • Part Handling
    • Transfers
    • Tight Spaces
    • Assembly Automation
    • Packaging
    • Machine Conveyance
    • Elevation Changes
    • Accumulation
    • Buffering
    • Complex Configurations
    • Long Lengths
    • Curves, Jogs, Incline, Decline

    Benefits of 2X SmartFlex Series:

    Reduces Costs

    • Delivered pre-assembled to your exact specifications; saving labor costs
    • Reduces commissioning time
    • Eliminates unnecessary cutting, inventory and waste
    • Industry leading product transfers eliminate costly product jams, bottlenecks and damage

    Delivers Fast

    • Dorner sets the industry standard for delivery
    • SmartFlex is shattering the norm with conveyors available to ship in 5 working days and complete pallet systems ship in 20 days